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The Pembrokeshire Pet Bakery Owners

Photo credit: Elsie-May Fowler Aged 8

'Do what you love and love what you do!'


Hi! We're Ali and Kelly, the faces behind TPPB! Ali Fowler (pictured on the left), a professional Artist, mainly painting seascapes of Pembrokeshire and Kelly Fowler, a professional Chef working in a luxury Pembrokeshire Hotel.

We were f
riends who worked together for many years in a catering and hospitality capacity before I (Ali) introduced Kelly to my older brother. Kel and I became sisters (in law) not long after that! ... Sisters-in-law with a genuine love of baking and a true affection for our beloved pets. Our company ethos is definitely 'Do what you love and love what you do' and we are so thankful to be achieving this together.

The Pembrokeshire Pet Bakery was established after several close friends of ours had asked us to create different cakes and bakes for their four-legged friends special birthdays over the years. They always seemed to go down well and so we thought, why not share our creations with your pets too?

Our approach in the kitchen is passionate and experimental with a focus on natural, healthy ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. (For a detailed breakdown of everything we use and it's benefits for your pets, please see our 'Ingredients' page).Along with a couple of our friends' picky pooches, TPPB chief taste tester is Ali's handsome 10 year old moggie, Willis. Big Wils' pretty much lives for cuddles and food (not in that order), and so he is always ready and very willing to sample our new recipes. Not long before setting this business up in Feb 2021, we tragically lost Willis's best mate Badger in an accident. Willis was heartbroken for many weeks, wandering round the house looking for him and staring longingly through the cat flap hoping Badger would appear. After much deliberation, we decided to introduce a new, female, kitten into the mix. It wasn't an easy decision as we really didn't want to upset Willis or make him think he wasn't loved enough. But thankfully, he took to little Summer straight away and it's almost as if she has given him a new lease of life which is heart warming to watch.   

Willis and Summer.jpg

Frustratingly for Kel, their household had not been able to have pets for years as her daughter Elsie suffers with  allergies. Recently however, Elsie has spent a lot of time playing with the neighbours collie, Rosie and they noticed that she seemed to be building up a tolerance and becoming less and less affected by her. This revelation has led to the very happy arrival of Floki. An 8 week old (at the time of writing) Staffy cross Patterdale Terrier with a little bif of English Bull dog in there too! He is gorgeous and everyone, including Elsie, is very very happy. Although Kel is absolutely knackered and says that having a puppy is like having a new born all over again!! Ha ha.

Elsie May Fowler.jpg
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